Original Hard Cider

Original: Simple and direct! This golden beverage will surprise the tongue.  Similar to the cider imbibed by colonists, settlers of this country, and early presidents. A vigorous bubble, a pleasantly tart beginning, and notes of oak whiskey barrel are a trio of delights leaving the crisp taste of summer morning dew, or the refreshing taste of fall dancing in your throat.

Bavarian Hard Cider

Bavarian: The complex German yeast used in the production of Bavarian takes the edge off of a long day. The sweet notes of local honey burst through the back drop of tree ripened McIntosh and Winesap apples, with a slight sharpness of under ripe plums. Bavarian is perfect for a hot summer picnic or a fall evening by the fireplace. 

We source or products from the most local source possible- Supporting others supporting us.  We are continuing to pursue seasonal blends to bring out the best flavor profile New Jersey apples have to offer.  Check back frequently for new releases.