Twisted Limb Hard Cider

Twisted Limb is a company with a simple and concise history that compliments the precision that goes into every batch of crisp and refreshing cider brewed within. Rarely in this day and age do we witness a traditional story of a community-based idea, sparked by intuition, and driven by good old fashioned hard work.  Such is the story of Twisted Limb’s inception.

Born out of a college friendship between rugby teammates Martin Willard and Frank Voris, Twisted Limb Hard Cider is a product of their vision, hard work, and inspiration. Although unlikely that a hard cider company would be born from two rugby players, Twisted Limb has found the right way to leverage their brawn and hustle to brew nectar that’s both modest and refreshing.  Their decision to make cider stemmed from recently signed New Jersey legislation that made it easy for small, farmer owned, wineries to blossom.

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged New  Jersey, and the citizens of the state were rebuilding, Martin Willard and Frank Voris were thinking of what they could do to make a local impact. 


Using ravaged trees that fell victim to the hurricane, Marty and Frank began the process of removing logs, saw milling them to lumber, and manually constructing a barn.  Despite the damage, Twisted Limb showed business was alive and well in the Garden State.

Next, they started work on their orchard.  While European cider apples have been harvested for hundreds of years, Prohibition put an end to virtually all of America’s cider apple trees.  Throughout their research of flavorful cider apples, they came upon the Harrison variety.  One of the most famous cider apples of the 18th century, it was cultivated extensively in New Jersey before and after the Revolution.  Grown all over Essex County, the apple takes its name from Harrison, NJ.  In keeping with their focus on the community, Twisted Limb also sources apples from local farmers in Sussex County. 

In just a couple of short years, Twisted Limb cider became a reality. A product of community, hard work, and Jersey strength, Twisted Limb looks to share their optimism and bubbly outlook through their love of cider in New Jersey – and beyond.